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Chakras….and how they affect us.

Chakras have been known on the planet for thousands of years, but few people understand what the chakras are and how they affect our life.

The chakras also affect the decisions you make in your life. The conscious portion of you comprises only about ten percent of your decision-making process. The subconscious is connected to the chakras and draws from the perceptions of every experience you have ever had.

You can only hold a thought for a limited period of time, but your perceptions continually work behind the scenes affecting your life.

The chakras affect you in many ways, but what is important is how your perceptions stored within the chakras can limit you, affecting how you experience your life and the possibilities you allow in your life.

Understanding and working with the chakras are key to healing your fears and limitations, thereby, opening your life’s possibilities and freeing you to achieve your dreams.

There are lots of ways we can “balance” our chakras, first recognize what is occurring and understand how perceptions affect your life and your desires
When you get so wrapped up with the concerns of daily life (deadlines, perceived important issues) that your energy becomes knotted through the perceptions of worry, fear and doubt; you take yourself out of the flow with Spirit and weigh yourself down. You can become argumentative, have less patience, and begin to view things as wrong (judge).

One way to lighten this heavy vibration is through clearing the chakras.

I love investigating more about our subtle energy system (and by no means am I an expert in the subject!) I do enjoy working with them with yoga, meditation, affirmations & essential oils.

If this interests you, come along and learn more about these subtle energies and using essential oils to bring more balance & harmony ?

Essential Oils & the Chakras

Sunday 12th August    2.30 – 3.30pm

$10 includes a chakra oil blend

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