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My studio classes include Yoga / functional movement, breathing techniques & relaxation.  All classes are open to all levels of experience.

The Yoga/FRC classed include more specific exercises for improved joint health, strength & mobility of each joint.  You can read more about FRC below.

Here is my weekly timetable:

Monday          9.30-10.45am     Yoga/FRC class

Wednesday   6.00-7.15pm   Yoga  All levels

Thursday        9.30-11.00am  Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation (longer class)

Friday             9.30-10.45am  Beginners Yoga/FRC class

Sunday           9.30-10.45am  Yoga All levels

Functional Range Conditioning® (FRC) classes

Developed by world-renowned musculoskeletal expert Dr. Andreo Spina, Functional Range Conditioning® is a comprehensive joint training and optimization system based in scientific principles and research. 

There are 3 main training-goals when utilizing the FRC® system which are all closely interrelated, and acquired simultaneously:


Mobility refers to the amount of active, usable motion that one possesses. The more mobile a person is, the more they are able to maximize their movement potential safely, efficiently, and effectively.


While improving mobility and movement potential, the FRC® system also acts to ‘bullet proof’ (or safe-guard) your joints so that movement can be executed safely.


Training with FRC® improves the function of your nervous system. This leads to a reduction of pain and injury, joint health and longevity, as well as an increased ability to move freely and easily.

Functional Range Conditioning® system, one on one coaching available to facilitate your ability to improve your tissues’ capacity to handle increased loads – specific to your individual needs or sporting demands.  See  coaching

Please book classes with the below link.

IMPORTANT: The timetable can vary during school holidays, see timetable for updates.


  • $18 – Casual class
  • $10 – Frost Fitness members
  • $48 – for first 3 classes
  • $80 – 5 class concession
  • $150 – 10 class concession

Concessions are non refundable, 1 year expiry.

  • Internet banking, cash or paypal accepted.
  • 12 3095 0203743 00  (bank details)

021 707 486 /

Want a class to suit your timetable?  Become a member and get all your classes online in your own time! $29 – $49 monthly. Scroll down to become a member.

All classes involve asana (poses), Pranayama (breathing techniques) and relaxation or meditation.

A regular yoga practice has numerous benefits, whether your goals are to, bend over and put on your shoes easily, feel stronger, lighter, more mobile in your body, enhance sports performance, recover from ailments,  or just feel more peaceful everyday – yoga can help! (see below for more benefits on yoga)

You’ll find my Yoga classes invigorating and relaxing to body and mind, my role is to help you see and feel the ongoing benefits of a regular practice.  I also offer one on one sessions, see my coaching page for details.

If you’d like to talk to me in person, please call 021 707 486 or get in touch.

I also offer yoga sessions for small groups, and corporate classes in the workplace. If you are coming up to Matakana or Omaha for a weekend away and want a yoga class at your place or one of my locations, please get in touch.

Matakana weekend retreats available.

Want to know all the benefits of yoga?