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I offer yoga classes, with a focus on mindful movement/strength, breathing & relaxation. I bring energy medicine, meridian focused practices into each class, to bring body & mind into balance for optimum health.  Regular workshops, courses and health coaching available.  I have 2 online memberships available via my app, helping your to bring in a daily self care practice. Scroll down to Subscribe to mymembership

If you would like to take your life to another level find a class or workshop and come along!

About Ingrid

I’m Ingrid Le Prou and I am passionate about achieving vibrant health and helping others achieve theirs!

Yoga is a great way to create positive change in your health and well being.

I am passionate about bringing more mindful movement into my clients lives, to increase mobility and strength and prevent or heal injuries & ailments. Coming to classes or courses, you will learn how yoga, breathing & meditation are powerful tools to reduce stress and begin to thrive in daily life.

The Studio

Studio is at 25 Glenmore Drive, WW.  Studio beside Warkworth Fitness centre.

Ingrid Yoga Studio, Warkworth NZ

If you are new to yoga, you will find support to help you develop your practise with careful awareness of any issues or injuries you may be healing.


Put yourself in a safe environment to expand your practise and further reach your goals and aspirations


Looking for specific help, workshops are a great way to improve your health and wellbeing within a specific timeframe


Meet one-on-one with Ingrid to address specific needs and set up a detailed chart to track your goals.


Like workshops but longer timeframes for you to really make progress and improvements in your health and vitality.


Members can take classes online and also access a full range of meditations, yoga routines and more.

What students are saying…