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Vibrant Health in Autumn

We can achieve Vibrant Health in Autumn through our yoga practice by looking at the season, the elements & associated meridians and organs.

Autumn relates to the metal element and the Lungs & Large intestine meridians. They are also more vulnerable in Autumn, so this is the best time to work on them through specific yoga poses that focuses on strengthening them.

The metal (Autumn) phase allows us to make appropriate judgement about what we need in our lives by choosing to keep the needed or dispose of the unneeded. This applies to all aspects of our lives including food, digestion, relationships, concepts and ideas.

The biggest change in nature is letting go, eliminating and condensing down for winter. Getting rid of unwanted concepts, ideas, unhealthy habits allow us space to take in the new.

When the metal element is out of balance, we lack self-­‐esteem, and feel no security. We may have a sense of loss and grieving (which is associated with the process of elimination). Physically if these meridians and organs are out of balance, you may experience constipation, not easily having bowel movements daily, headaches, coughs & colds more frequently.

In your yoga practice bring more attention to the poses that work on the lungs and large intestine. Often when you find these poses hard, you know you need to spend more time on them. Without force, by using your breath and awareness to guide you through each pose you will begin to strengthen and notice changes.

Important Autumn foods are fermented (sauerkraut, kimchi), whole grains, seeds and nuts, ginger, garlic & turmeric. These foods have a pungent flavour, which aids our body in the process of elimination and contraction

As we move into each season I bring in specific Yoga poses and breathing techniques to strengthen & balance the meridians & organs. If you are in my online membership there are sequences that focus on “Autumn” and/or “Lungs/large intestine”. You dont have to only focus on these, but do a few each week. I also offer personalised programs that can address any issues/areas of concern to individual needs.

Within in the mind, we do this in many ways…..taking in lots of information everyday, different relationships, emotions, performing tasks and deciding what we accept and what we decide to reject. When this element is healthy, we feel our value and connect to other things of value around us. We feel a deep sense of wholeness, security and happiness. We have hope, optimism, vitality and a healthy self-­‐esteem. We are able to consolidate what remains and understand that elimination makes space for more. If we do not do this the same thought will become stuck and repetitive in our heads.

Ingrid Le Prou

My name is Ingrid LeProu and I have been working in the health and wellness industry for the past 17 years. I am a certified yoga, and health coach.


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