Ingrid Yoga | Testimonials
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When Ingrid started including her FRC training in yoga classes that I began to understand why I was beginning to blame my age for things I could not manage so well, and was actually feeling less fit.  Ingrid’s teaching, explanations and cues always make so much sense.I noticed changes in mobility straight away with the FRC stretches and exercises and after a few weeks including the FRC focus class, I noticed more significant changes in everyday activities. 

I might be in my 60s but I’d recommend FRC to anyone who likes to move well – for whatever reason! It’s really satisfying to know that my body can still go forwards with improved strength and mobility with FRC and yoga, instead of gradually slowing down.  Jane

I joined Ingrid’s online premium membership to get specific advice for my shoulder which was injured. Ingrid gave me monthly recommendations in my routine. I have been doing the FRC, and am amazed at my progress. My shoulder pain has gone, and my hips are feeling stronger and more flexible! Amy

I was recommended to Ingrid from a friend who comes to her classes. I joined her online membership and am loving the FRC. I feel stronger and more aware of my body. I play hockey, so this has been a game changer for my aches and pains! Steph

I have been seeing Ingrid for nutrition for the past 5 months.  I have struggled to lose weight most of my adult life, and tried so many different diets!  With Ingrid’s guidance I have learnt what kinds of food my body needed to lose bodyfat and when to eat.  I have consistently lost weight and feel so good! I still have about 5 kgs I would like to lose, and now know I have a plan in place with Ingrids help.  This has been life changing for me and I recommend her to everyone! Kate 🙂