Ingrid Yoga | Subscribe to my membership
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Membership Subscription

I have 2 online membership options:

Yoga Memberhsip $20 per month includes:

  • Yoga  & breathwork library (varied length sequences, morning movements 10-20 mins, seasonal practices, Yoga/movement for specific areas shoulders/hips etc)

Premium  Yoga Membership$49 per month includes:

  • Yoga & breathwork library (as above)
  • Fortnightly/Monthly support: Individual support & recommendations for each month
  • Regular challenges: To keep you inspired on your breathwork & movement journey
  • 21-Day Breath Work Journey: Learn to breathe through self-limiting beliefs to improve health, release stress and trauma to transform your life.
  • Functional movement/strength library:  Progressive, adding resistance/weight.
  • 20% discount on online courses offered

Please get in touch with any questions, or sign up here  $20  Monthly Membership

$49 Premium Membership