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Workshops & Courses

Yoga Breathwork & Meditation workshop               

Sunday 2nd Feb 2020 9.30am – 12.00pm  $50  (Fully booked)

A morning  of yoga, mindful movement to wake up the physical body, and balance the brain.

We will use the power of breathwork with visualisations/meditation & toning to enhance energy flow and chakra activation.  Waking up our energy body and endocrine system.

When we raise our vibrational energy with these modalities our brain is much more susceptible to re-wiring and ability to change old patterns and beliefs.

You will receive a meditation to continue with at home and essential oil blend to set your intention for the coming year.

Open to all levels.


Beginners Meditation & breathwork ~ 6 week course

Feb 5th ~ Wednesday 7.15 – 800pm  $100 for 6 weeks

Benefits of learning Meditation & Breathwork include:

  • Increased inner resilience, better ability to respond (not react) to daily stress and bounce back
  • Improve breathing patterns, enhancing overall health & wellbeing
  • Stronger focus and creativity
  • Healthier brain wave activity and brain capacity
  • Reduce stress and  anxiety, feel more grounded
  • Better energy levels and stable energy
  • Relaxation & rejuvenation
  • Better sleep
  • Decreases stress-related cortisol
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Meditation & breathing techniques together using heartfelt emotions (such as gratitude/love/desire) has shown to change our brain from a negative bias to a more positive bias.
  • Improves lung capacity, over time helps in exercise recovery heart rate
  • Helps conditions, anxiety/panic attacks, and stress related conditions in general.
  • Help us become more mindful in daily life

Each week will include discussion, breathwork, meditation, and run for approx 45min – 1 hour.

Questions / Register here:  [email protected]

Beginners Yoga/Progressive ~ 6 week course

Next course: Feb 2020 (TBC)

This course will be beneficial for you if you are a complete beginner or have been to a few classes only.  If you have any injuries, or lack of mobility this course will help to strengthen and improve mobility and flexibility.

Each week will progress gently with poses (asana) breathing techniques (pranayama), and meditation/relaxation.  Videos are sent if you would like to practice at home throughout the week.

learn how to de-stress, improve breathing habits, relax body & mind, and feel better in your body!

Register here:  [email protected]