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Workshops & Courses


Breathworth & Meditation ~ 6 week course

October 2019

Monday 14th Oct 11.00am / Wednesday 16th Oct 7pm

(with enough interest, both will run)


Breathwork is rapidly gaining recognition as a superior approach to optimum health.  Studies prove the long-term effectiveness in addressing trauma, anxiety, depression, inflammation, etc…  

The breath is the only part of our autonomic nervous system we can control and when we control our breath we control our health in mind, body and spirit

Benefits You’ll Experience From This Course:

    • Deeper levels of meditation
    • Healthier breathing patterns which will effect your overall health
    • Stronger focus, creativity and healthier brain wave activity and brain capacity
    • Reduce stress and  anxiety
    • Increased energy and balance in energy
    • DMT & Dopamine release
    • Increased inner resilience and ability to handle stressful or traumatic situations.
    • A deeper connection and understanding of your self that will allow you to customize your breathwork practice for your own needs.


Each week will include discussion, breathwork, meditations, and run for approx 45min – 1 hour.

You will receive handouts, essential oils (optional) and  videos of each technique to practice easily at home.

Questions / Register here:  [email protected]

Beginners Yoga ~ 6 week course

Next course TBC

This course will be beneficial for you if you are a complete beginner or have been to a few classes only.  If you have any injuries, or lack of mobility this course will help to strengthen and improve mobility and flexibility.

Each week will progress gently with poses (asana) breathing techniques (pranayama), and meditation/relaxation.  Videos are sent if you would like to practice at home throughout the week.

learn how to de-stress, improve breathing habits, relax body & mind, and feel better in your body!

Register here:  [email protected]