Ingrid Yoga's Change of Season Yoga Sequence
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Change of season meridian yoga sequence

You can start this sequence with the “Do-In” body tapping. And afterwards, you can do an optional: 2+ rounds of Sun Salutations.

Here is the sequence, below you can download a PDF of the sequence, or visit my studio for a print out.

  1. Side opener pose. 3-5 x each side.  (*hands clasped behind head more challenging)
  2. Lengthen through each side                  
  3. Dynamic leg lift 5-10 ea side
  4. Optional:  do ea leg 5 times lowering to just above the floor. Exhale lift.
  5. Lying side release.  Keep feet & knees tightly together.  Exhale legs to side without letting knees slide apart.  5 ea side
  6. Psoas stretch.  Hold ankles if can, exhale each knee down 5 times, then hold for a few breaths. Relaxing back/hip down towards floor.
  7. Wide Bridge. Feet wider than hips, hold ankles or hands on floor. Exhale lift 8-10 times.  Then hold and squeeze knees inwards 5-10 times.  Relax on back to finish.
  8. Dynamic Leg swing. Raise right leg, extend through heels. Exhale across left without rolling onto left hip. Inhale up/exhale out wide.  5-10 times. Repeat left leg.
  9. Optional: add some squats, exhale lower keeping knees in line with toes.  Go as low as comfortable and hold for a few breaths.  *No pain should be felt in knees.Finish with another round of sun Salutations or lie down and rest for 10 belly breaths ☺

Click here to download the resource sheet.

Ingrid Le Prou
[email protected]

My name is Ingrid LeProu and I have been working in the health and wellness industry for the past 17 years. I am a certified yoga, and health coach.

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